Bath complex

The Grand Hotel’s “Valentina” sauna complex includes a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna and a Jacuzzi.

Price from 2000 rub.

In the small room of the Russian bath, there is a real Russian stove, the walls are made of rounded logs. In a wooden tub, you can find soaked birch and oak brooms waiting for you. Interior decoration and the indescribable smell of natural wood will take you into the Russian country life. Here you will relax both in body and soul.

The sauna is made in compliance with all the technologies. When decorating the walls, floor and ceiling, only traditional materials were used: linden and aspen.

The positive effect of the sauna on the human body has long been proven: it activates the functions of the central nervous system, increases the activity of the lungs and skin, improves the body's thermoregulation.

The Grand Hotel "Valentina" invites you to visit the jacuzzi bath. The therapeutic effect of such baths has long been confirmed by official medicine.

Water jets and air bubbles, affecting the skin, have a stunning massage effect. This massage prevents the development of cellulite, skin diseases, normalizes blood pressure and improves overall muscle tone.

The use of a whirlpool after intense physical exertion is especially recommended. Jacuzzi hydro massage promotes the fastest relaxation and recovery of tired muscles.